10 Most Beautiful Cities in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked country situated in the heart of south Asia; it is a historically blended country and that’s why it has a diverse culture.  It has some beautiful cities with the abundance of historic monuments that’s make it quite attractive for tourists as well. Here we have listed 10 of the most beautiful cities from Jalalabad to Balkh.


Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and the largest city as well; this city is in existence for more than 3,500 years. There are lots of attractive sites in this city for instance the Abdul Rahman Mosque which was inaugurated in 2012 but this mosque was built in the traditional Islamic architecture style and have 14 domes and 2 minarets. The Afghan National Museum is another site which do catch the eye of the tourists, this two story building has a pleasant collection of native arts, jewellery & historical pottery. Garden of Babur is another spot which you must visit if you go to Kabul as it is a historical park that was made by the first Mughal Emperor Babul in the early 16th century.


This city is located in the north of Afghanistan and usually considered as the oldest city in the world which is why Arabs named it “The Mother of Cities”. Before the Arab’s Invasion, this city was heavily influenced by Buddhist; that’s why you will witness lots of Buddhist constructions & battlements telling you about old Asian Culture. Other places to visit in this city are Green Mosque and the nine dome mosque.


This is the second largest city of Afghanistan and is considered as one of the oldest known human communities. In 329 BC Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria Arachosia which is known as Kandahar in today’s world. The interesting places to visit in this city is the Friday Mosque a holy place where Muslim worship. Kandahar also called “the heart of Afghanistan”


This city is capital of Balkh province and is also known as the blue mosque city by most of the tourists. As per legends, the existence of this city was owed to a dream on which a shrine was built and then later on the whole city was built around it. This city is also quite nobel for Muslims because of the shrine of Hazrat Ali(R.A) it obtains.


This city is located in western Afghanistan and also has an ancient history which can be seen in several ruins & historical places. Main places of interest are Herat Citadel & the Mausoleum of Queen Goharshad.


It is located in center of Afghanistan, this was the last city where the Buddhist expansion was reached. This city has some caves where you can witness wall painting from 5th and 9th Century which clearly depicts his antiquity.


This small town is located in the north of Kabul. In the ancient times, this was an important passageway for merchants who came from ancient India. This city remained under the influence of Persians, Greek Influencers and Arab rulers which is why it represents Greco-Buddhist art, the combination of Arab and Indian style.


This is also a small town which is located in northern region of Afghanistan. In this town the Buddhist expansion was reached around 4th and 5th century. There is place called Takht-e-Rustam on a hill near to this town where we can see examples of that period of architecture with a blend on Buddhist style.


It is in east of Afghanistan and is considerd as one of the most beautiful cities in Afghanistan. Here you will see greenery on large scale and beautiful waters. This city was used as an outpost by Ahmad Shad Durani, also known as the founder of modern Afghanistan. He used this city the during military campaign in India.


It is located in the north east of Afghanistan and due to bad road networks, this city was historically remote which is why the local culture of this area is unharmed. Few parts of historical architecture have been ruined but other forts, shrines & Mosques are intact which tells the history of this region widely.

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