7 Iconic Afghan Cuisines

Afghan is also known for its musky and tasteful cuisines. Many people from the globe travel to Afghanistan exclusively for its exotic dishes. Here we list 7 of Afghanistan’s Iconic dishes. The list includes main course items, baked items, desserts and e.t.c with their local name and basic ingredients.


Ashak/Aushak is a spicy dish which is usually served as a common menu for public holidays & Islamic festivals. It is made of pasta dumpling with stuffed scallion and served with meaty tomato sauce which helps in making it spicy. Just to add more flavours in the meal, it is usually served with yogurt and dry mint garnishes; both of the ingredients add further taste it. In case you are not a meat lover, even then you can enjoy this dish as Afghans provide its vegetarian option as well.


This dish is also known as Perakai or Poraki, if you are a vegetarian then this is a must eat thing for you. It is an Afghan bread which is stuffed with different type of vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins, leeks, chives & lentlis and prepared by either frying or baking it. The crust of the bread is thin which makes it easy to chew and when this veg stuffed bread is served with the main course dish, it is breath taking.

Afghan Lamb Kabab

As it names says it all. It’s a classic Afghan Kabab made of sheep meat where the meat is first marinated for a specific period of time. Once the meat absorb all the flavour, it then it is grilled on skewers in open fire.  The slow cooking process adds pleasing taste in it and makes the meat so tender that it just melts in the mouth. It is also available in chicken and other forms of meats but for the full exotic experience, it’s recommended to have it of sheep meat with Afghan Green Sauce.

Afghani Green Sauce

This is not a cuisine but this will complement your main course in a way you can’t imagine. This sauce is made of variety of species which includes garlic, lime juice and chilies. The strong fragrance and flavour of its ingredients make it perfect match with kebabs and fries.


A common street food, these are dumplings made of ground meat and traditional Afghan Spices. The meat is steamed which makes it easier to cook and as there is less oil content this makes it an easy to digest, healthy dish. This dish should be tried with the yogurt and tomato sauces for satisfying taste.

Kabuli Pulao

Also known as the National dish of Afghanistan, the origin of the dish can be traced in the northern part of the country. It is tasty rice dish contains range of ingredients from vegetables to nuts and meat.

Sheer Khurma

This is a festive dessert and is one of the best desserts you can have while enjoying your trip in Afghanistan. The ingredients are whole milk, dates, nuts, sugar, saffron & vermicelli. For pleasing fragrance, rose water can also be added.

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