7 Places to Visit in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been gifted with incredible natural beauty and that’s what makes it “Heaven on Earth”. Afghanistan has always been known for most of his breathtaking mountain regions but this country has more to offer with endless outdoor beauty. In fact, there are certain regions which are untouched and no human being had ever been to these hidden lakes or climbed those mountains. So if you visit Afghanistan don’t forget to explore its lavish valleys, beautiful lakes, adventure hubs and astonishing mountain regions. Here I had listed 7 of the most amazing places that every tourist must visit if in Afghanistan.

Broghil Pass

It is a high mountain pass along the Durand Line Border which connects to the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Broghil is a fairly low pass as compare to other three passes which connects Wakhan district with Chitral district of KPK, Paksitan.  On this pass you will witness some of the unique and diverse landscape from lush green valleys to gigantic lakes and snow-capped passes. Although weather changes drastically in this region from snowfall to dust storm, even then it’s a must-see place if you visit Afghanistan.


It is the first national park of Afghanistan which is situated in the Bamyan province. It has a chain of 6 incredible deep blue lakes which are connected with the pink limestone canyons in the mountainous desert of Afghanistan. It is an amazing sight where like sparkling jewels, 6 lakes suddenly appear in the grey Westland of Central Afghanistan. Band-e-Amir is the heart of Afghanistan and attracts thousands of tourists each year.


Noshaq means “nine Valleys” in the Dari language of Afghanistan. It is the second highest point in whole Hindu Kush Region with the altitude of 24,580 feet. Previously this mountain was off-limits but now it has been opened for climbers and trekkers. The base camp is situated on 4,450m from where you can have a remarkable view to several  7,000+M mountains. The view is incredible as it is surrounded by white peaks pointing high into the blue cloudless sky. If you love hiking then this place is heaven for you.

Wakhan Corridor

This narrow strip connects to China and separates Tajikistan from Pakistan. It is locally known as Bam-e-Duniya which means “Roof of the World”,.It is the area where three mountain ranges: Pamir, Hindu Kush & Karakoram combines to form Pamir Knot. It is also the origin of a mighty river “Oxus” which runs 2,500 Km into the Aral Sea and separates Tajikistan from Afghanistan.


This lake was once named Lake Victoria by British, it is located in Pamir Mountains and it is the starting point of the mighty river Oxus which runs along the border. To visit Zorkul you first have to take permission from the border guard at Khorog. But once you are there, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery or go for hiking or horse riding. This place has so much to offer that doesn’t disappoint tourists.


It is one of the oldest cities in Afghanistan, Bamyan is mainly known for the gigantic Buddha statues that were constructed in 6th century. These statues are long gone but the ruins of these statues still tell some fascinating stories about their history. These ruins are the attraction which pulls many visitors toward them each year.

Ajar Valley

If you go to western range of Hindu Kush and pass the district of Kahmard, you will be in a magnificent land known as the Ajar Valley it is one of the most beautiful valleys in Afghanistan which shows how beautiful nature can be.

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