Faryab Province

The name of Faryab was taken from the name of a famous Islamic Philosopher Al-Farabi who was born in Sassanids town. Faryab became a province in 1964; previously it was known as Maymana and was a sub-province of Balkh. The province is located in the North West of the country with the area of 20,293 km² and has a total population of 1.169 million. The province has 14 districts and over 1,000 villages. Maymana serves as the capital of the province.

The population of the province is multi-ethnic and mostly a tribal society. Uzbek’s dominate the province as it is the main ethnic group residing there. Some other ethnic groups like Pashtun, Tajik & Hazara’s also live here. There are various occasions where clashes between Uzbeks and Pashtuns have been reported.

The main languages spoken around the province are Dari, Uzbeki & Pashto. Islam is the religion that is being practiced in the province with Sunnis making the majority while Shias make up to minority.

The majority of the population earns their living by agriculture and livestock farming, however the province is also known for its carpets, knitted and woven kilts. These female dominated handicrafts are quite popular in and abroad the province. The province also has pistachio forests that produce pistachio vera which are quite known for its vibrant colors and immense flavor.

The province also holds some deposits of natural minerals, there are reserves of natural gas but its quantum is disputable as there is no proper support of geographical surveys and the level of exploration is low. In the district of Dowlat Abad, deposits of salts has also been reported and it is also believed that the province also holds marble resources.

-The infrastructure of the province is very poor with not even a single paved road; Maymana Airport serves it passengers the services to Herat. There is a short international railway connection which connects the province with Turkmenistan at Atamyrat.

Since 2018 Naqibullah Faiq is serving as the governor of the province. In the province the law enforcement activities are monitored by Afghan National Police (ANP) while the border of Turkmenistan is monitored by Afghan Border Police (ABP). Both Afghan National Police and Afghan Border Police are monitored by a provincial police chief who represents the Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

The present government is working on Infrastructure, education sectors and healthcare sectors. In the education sector and healthcare sector a slight improvement has been observed with respect to previous years but still the literacy rate in the province is low and stands at 20% with the overall net enrolment rate of 56%.

Since the fall of the Taliban government in 2001, Faryab province is consider as one of the peaceful areas in the entire country. Now government is paying due attention on enhancing the agricultural potential of the province. The forest area that has been shed in the past is now being reforested.

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