Ghor Province

The word Ghor came from Bactrian language as “G’wrao” which means mountain because the major area of the province is a mountainous or semi-mountainous terrain. The Ghor province is located in the West of Afghanistan in the Hazarajat region. It covers the area of 36,479 km²; it is divided into 10 districts which are further segregated into hundreds of villages. Firuzkoh, also known as the Chaghcharan city, is the administrative capital of the province.

The approx. population of the province is 0.806 million which is multi-ethnic and mostly a tribal society. The province is located in the end of Hindu Kush Mountain region; its 2,500 meter above the sea level. In winter between Novembers to April, the province witness heavy snowfall due to which many of its rugged passes get blocked while in the summer, it is a drought prone area.

The province has been governed by various governors; the first governor of the province was Ibrahim Malikzada who was replaced by Abdul Qadir Alam. After him Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali was appointed as the governor of the Ghor province. The present governor of the province is Ghulam Nasir Khaze who took the oath on December 21, 2015. He replaced Sima Joinda whose predecessor was Syed Anwer Rahmati. She holds the title of first women governor of Ghor province and the third woman in the whole country.

All law enforcement activities in the province are being monitored by the Afghan National Police (ANP) which is backed by the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and NATO led forces. Afghan National Police is administrated by the provincial police chief who represents the ministry of interior in Kabul.

The primary economic activities that are running the province are agriculture and animal husbandry. However, more than half of the population of the province is living in poverty as they are unable to cover their basic needs with their level of income. Since the ban on Opium production has been lifted now the locals are trying to increase their income by cultivation of the economically lucrative crop. Many of the local young men leave the province and move to Herat or Iran for jobs. There are a small number of teachers, government officials, carpenters and tailors.

The Chaghcharan Airport is located in the capital city of the province from where regular scheduled flights are being operated to Kabul & Herat. The road structure of the province is under-developed; there are unpaved roads and lack of bridges over rivers.

The Ghor provincial cricket team was founded in July 2010 and are now representing the province in domestic tournaments. Apart from cricket, the other official sports of the province are football, tennis, basketball & taekwondo.

The health sector of the province is still in struggling phase, although the education sector has shown a little bit improvement and the literacy rate had increased by 7% with respect to previous years.

A lot of new high schools have been established since last decade which includes agricultural and mechanical schools as well. The attendance in university entrance exams have jumped from hundreds to thousands. Presently there is only one nursing school that is training young females and it is a part of Ministry of Public Health.

Ghor University was initially established as the Ghor Higher Education Institute but later on it was promoted to Ghor University. Presently there are more than 500 students that are enrolled in the university and among them, a significant number of students are girls.

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