Kunar Province

Kunar is located in the northeast of Afghanistan with the covering area of 4,942 km². The province is comprised of 15 districts that are further divided in to hundreds of villages. It is a part of N2KL provinces, a title given by the US forces. N2KL are basically four provinces (Nuristan, Nangarhar, Kumar and Laghman) that as per the US forces were the rockiest and fierce regions near the Durand line border. Kunar lays in the center of N2KL region. The Asadabad city is the administrative capital of the province.

As per estimates the appoximate population of the province is 0.527 million which is mostly a tribal society. As per these estimates, 96% of the population is residing in rural areas while the remaining 4% are living in urban districts.

The province shares its border with local provinces. For instance on the south of Kunar is Nangarhar while Nuristan and Laghman are in the north and west accordingly. The province also shares its border with the neighbouring country Pakistan in the east. Kunar is a mountainous province as 86% of its total area is mountainous or semi-mountainous terrain while remaining the 14% is the flat land.

The Kunar River runs from the province and cuts at the Hindu Kush Mountains and forms Kunar valley. It is a part of Indus River and flows from south to the southwest of the province after which it meets with Kabul River in Jalalabad.

Wahidullah Kalimzai is the present governor of the province, who is a successor of Shuja Ul-Mulk Jalala. All the law enforcement activities in the province are being watched by Afghan National Police (ANP) which is backed by Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). The border which connects the province with the neighbouring country Pakistan is called Durand Line. It is known as one of the most dangerous and vigorous borders in the world due to smuggling and heavy militant activities. All the border activities are being monitored by Afghan Border Police (ABP). Both Afghan National Police (ANP) & Afghan Border Police (ABP) are controlled by a provincial police chief who represents Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

The Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) was formulated with the support of Americans and UNAMA development office has also been established in Asadabad for providing security to the locals and helping them in creating jobs. The US army Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) was also organised in 2009 for helping the inhabitants.

The province has been shown in various movies and documentary films; the opening scene of one of the great movies of 2008 “Iron Man” was filmed in the province. A movie based on a true event “Lone Survivor” was actually about the operation known as “Operation Red Wings” which was done in 2005 near Asadabad. A documentary movie “Restrepo” was filmed in the Korengal valley of Kunar province in 2010.

The healthcare sector of the province have shown a slight improvement. The number of skilled birth attendants has increased by 15% with respect to previous decade. On the other hand, the education sector is still at glimpse with the literacy rate of 25%.

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