Logar Province

Logar is located in central Afghanistan with a covering area of 3,880 km²; it contains seven districts that are further divided into hundreds of villages. The major part of the province is flat area; the Logar River enters the province from west and leaves to north. Puli Alam serves as the provincial capital.

The approximate population of the province is 0.458 million which is multi ethnic and mostly a tribal society. The Pashtun ethnic group dominates the region with 60% of the total population and the rest of the residents belong to Tajik and Hazara ethnicity.

Logar is a flat river valley in central Afghanistan which is surrounded by Rocky Mountains to its east, south and southwest. The Azra district is in the east which is a mountainous terrain. On the south is Paktia which is connected by Tera Pass, a 2,896 m highway. The Kabul-Khost highway runs from the north to south of the province from the Mohammad Agha district to Paktia in south and then Khost. The province also shares its border with the neighbouring country Pakistan.

At the time of the Soviet-Afghan war in the 1980s, the province was known as Bab al-Jihad which means “Gates of Jihad” as the area witnessed a fierce fight between the Mujahedeen and Soviet army. It was a major route of the Mujahedeen to move between other provinces and neighbouring country Pakistan. After the Soviet-Afghan war in 1995, the Taliban government took control of the province. Lastly after the removal of Taliban in late 2001, the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) gradually took control of the province.

In March’ 2008 the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) was formulated for helping the residents in developmental projects and providing them security. The capital city Puli Alam was reconstructed, the main road to Kabul was reconstructed which helped in reducing the travel time to national capital. Numerous schools, healthcare centres & government facilities were also constructed.

Arsala Jamal was the last governor of the province who was assassinated by the Taliban militants. All the law enforcement activities in the province are being monitored by Afghan National Police (ANP) while all the border activities are administrated by Afghan Border Police (ABP). Both ABP & ANP are backed by military and led by a provincial police chief who represents the Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

The most popular sport of the province is cricket; the province had given some major players to Afghan national cricket team like the former national team captain Raees Ahmadazi & the current captain of the team Mohammad Nabi both belong to Logar. Apart from them there are some other players like Ahmed Shah Pakteen, Nasir Jamal Ahmadzai, Shahpoor Zadran & Hashmatullah Shahidi also hailing from Logar. The second most popular sport of the province is Football.

The healthcare sector and education sector of the province is improving; the literacy rate of the province is 39%. There are approximately 170 primary and secondary schools in the province that are catering 81,538 students. The approximate student to teacher ratio is 39 to 1. There are several girl schools as well which are mostly located in capital city and in Koshi.

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