Paktia Province

Pakita is a part of  the “Loya Paktia” region, which means “Greater Paktia”. The province is located in the south east of Afghanistan with a covering area of 6,432 km² which is mainly a mountainous terrain; it is divided into 11 districts which are further divided into hundreds of villages. The most populated city of the province is Zurmat and the Gardez city serves as the provincial capital.

The approximate population of the province is 0.819 million which is mostly a tribal society. The Pashtun ethnicity dominates the region with compromising 91% of the total population. There is a small population of Tajiks as well who are residing in the region and they compromise 9% of the population.

Paktia shares its border with local provinces like Logar, Ghazni, Paktika and Khost. Apart from that it also shares its border with neighbouring Pakistan; tribal areas of the Kurram agency. The major part of the province is mountainous so a large number of the provincial population is residing in the central valley extending from Ahmed Khel to Zurmat city; the second populous valley is in the eastern part between Chamkani and Dand wa Patan. Jani Khel and Jaji are mostly mountainous and that’s why they hold very low residents.

The Azra district has been separated from Paktia in 2005 after which it became a part of Logar province in the north because of its roadway connectivity.

The province also holds some important geographical features; Shah-i-Kot valley is located in the province which attracts a lot of tourists due to its natural beauty. Tera Pass is a major roadway which connects Paktia to the neighbouring province Logar. Khost-Gardez Pass (K-G pass) is a mountainous main pass that connects the south of Gardez to the south of Khost.

Major General Zalmai Weesa is the present governor of the province who is a successor of Nasratullah Arsala. All the law enforcement activities of the province are being monitored by Afghan National Police (ANP) with the alliance of Afghan Local Police (ALP). On the other hand all the activities on neighbouring Pakistan border are being monitored by Afghan Border Police (ABP). Both Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan Border Police (ABP) are backed by Afghan Armed forces, while they are being led by provincial police chief who represents Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

The Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) was established in Gardez city with the support of America. The prime objective of PRT was to provide security to all local inhabitants. They were also assigned a task of reconstruction of the province after which many government offices, schools and healthcare centres were established but they still they are funding for several other projects.

The healthcare sector of the province has shown a little bit improvement, while the education sector of the province is still unable to provide the desired results as the literacy rate of the province is still at 30% and the net enrolment rate has decreased by 35% with respect to previous years.

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