Seven Afghan Women Who Made History

It is propagated that the movement of gender equality and female rights in Afghanistan was started in 2001 with the support of International Forces. Prior to that women of the country were living a fearful life. This is a vague perception that has been created,;if you’ll look into the history then there are a lot of Afghan women who have reached success in many various fields. These women did prove that they are not weak and did spread their voices all over the country.

Here we have listed 7 Afghan women who had made history; with their vision & passion they attained unparalleled heights of success. These women are the true role models for the new generation of Afghan females who want to attain success and create a difference.

Gawharshad Begum

She was born in 1405 in Samarakand and was wife of the emperor Shahrukh Timrud. She was a well-known political figure during the Timurid Dynasty. Apart from being a queen, she was also a minister and a leader for promoting arts and culture in the region. She always supported poets and artists like the famed female poet Mehri Herawi. She also introduced Timurid Dynasty with the Persian language and culture. Under the guidance of Gawharshad, Herat became a center of cultural resurgence.

Apart from this she also supported in building religious schools, mosques and a spiritual centres for Sufi Muslims. She was a well-known political figure so after her husband’s death, she placed her favorite grandson as a puppet king and ruled the kingdom for 10 years.

Queen Soraya Tarzi

She was wife of King Amanullah a progressive ruler who ruled from 1919-1929. She was highly educated and a fierce woman. It is said that during the Amanullah regime, she was one of the most influential royal figures in Afghanistan. She was the first who inaugurated a dedicated school for girls and she also launched the first women magazine known as Ershad-I-Niswan.

Rabia Balkhi

Rabia Balkhi was born in the 9th century into the royal family of Balkh in Afghanistan. It is considered that she was the first woman who wrote the pomes in modern Persian. She was one of the most influential Persian poets of her time. It is also said that a famous male poet played in role in her murder due to professional jealousy.

Nadiaa Anjuman

She was born in 1980 in Herat. Nadiaa studied from Golden Needle Sewing School where she learned literature from Professor Muhammad Ali Rahyab of Herat University and later on joined the Herat University for further education. Soon after that she became a prolific poet and published her on book of poems known as Gul-e-Dudi(Dark Flower) which received a lot of appreciation from the readers.

Lieutenant Colonel Malalai Kakar

She was born in a family where both her father and brother were policemen. Hence she decided to pursue her career in law enforcement. She was the first woman who graduated from the Kandhar Police Academy and was the first woman who became an investigator. She also served as the Head of Kandhar Department of Crimes against Women. Her courage and firmness did inspire lots of women to join the Afghanistan Police Force.

Sima Samar

She is also known as the “Doctor of the Poor” in Afghanistan. She was born on February 03, 1957 in Ghazni, Afghanistan. She earned her degree in medicine in early 1980s from the University of Kabul. Dr. Samar is known for her movement in supporting education and helping poor. After considering her contributions toward the society she was awarded with Alternative Nobel Prize in 2012.

Hanifa Yousoufi

Hanifa Yousoufi was born in 1995 in Afghanistan; she is the first female Afghan mountaineer who climbed the top of Mount Noshaq, the second highest peak in Hindu Kush range while the tallest peak in Afghanistan with the height of 24,580 feet. She is a role model for young female mountaineers of Afghanistan and a great example of how strong Afghani girls are.

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