Urozgan Province

Urozgan is located in the center of Afghanistan and has covering area of 12,696 km²; the province is divided into 6 districts and have hundreds of villages. The major part of the province is mountainous and semi-mountainous terrain while some part of it is flat land. Tarinkot serves as the provincial capital and Tarinkot Airport serves the passengers for regular schedule flights to Kabul.

The approximate population of the province is 0.460 million which is multi-ethnic and mostly a tribal society, as per few estimates there are between 47,000 to 50,000 households in the province. The Pashtun ethnicity dominates this region followed by Hazara which is mainly living in the Gizab and Tarinkot district.

As Urzogan is located in the center of Afghanistan, it only shares its border with local provinces and doesn’t have any international border. On the south of the province is Zabur and Kandhar while Helmand is in the south west. On the north is Daykundi and Ghazni is in the east.

In 2004 Daykundi was recognised after being separated from Urzogan and declared as a new province. After this Urzogan became a Pashtun dominating province while Daykundi was a Hazara dominating province. In 2006 Gizab district was taken from Daykundi and it was made a part of Urozgan province.

The territory was being ruled by Medes before the invasion of Archaemenids, In 330 BC Alexander the Great conquered the city and soon after his death it fell to Seleucids. In the 7th century when Arabs arrived in this region, it was being ruled by Zunbils but Saffarids conquered it under the name of Islam. After this the region was ruled by Ghaznavids and then by Ghurids. In the 13th century Mongol invaded and it fell under the jurisdiction of Arghun Khan of llkhanate followed by Timurids, Mughals and Saffavids.

In 1709 Hotak Dynasty came into power in Kandhar they defeated the Saffavids and conquered the area, they ruled entire southern Afghanistan. In 1747 Ahmed Shah Durrani became the leader of Afghanistan; Urozgan was one of the first that became part of Durrani Empire.

During the Soviet-Afghan war in 1980s, the province remained a strong battlefield between the Soviet forces and Mujahedeen. After the war in 1994 Urozgan again faced a setback when it was captured by Taliban. In Late 2001 the US troops were able to take control of the province which was then handed over to Karzai administration in November 2001.

In August 2006 the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) was established which was being led by Netherlands and Australia, the agenda of the PRT is to provide residents the security and jobs by the supporting developmental projects.

The present governor of the province is Mohammad Nazir Kharoti. Law enforcement activities in province are being monitored by Afghan National Police (ANP) which is backed by Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and National Directorate of Security (NDS). Afghan National Police (ANP) is being led by a provincial police chief who represents the Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

The healthcare sector and education sector of the province have shown a slight improvement with respect to previous years and literacy rate had reached to 20%.

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