Zabul Province

Zabul province is located in the South East of Afghanistan and has an area of 17,343 km²; the province holds 9 districts and 2,500 remote villages. 41% of the province land is mountainous or semi-mountainous and only 28% of the province is flat land. The approximate population of the province is 0.40 million which is mostly rural tribal society. Pashtun ethnic dominates the area by being the major contributor of total population and Pashto is the dominant language in this region. People of Zabul are Sunni Muslim and are quite overwhelming.

Historically the area was part of the Zabulistan region and in 1963 it was separated from neighbouring Kandahar province and became an independent province. Qalat was declared as the capital of the province.

Zabul share it border with some local provinces as well as with Pakistan; on the north of the province is Oruzgan and on the west is Kandahar. Ghazni and Paktika are in the south and the east respectively. The Zhob in the east connects Afghanistan with the neighbouring country Pakistan through the Balochistan border.

The primary occupation of the people of Zabul is agriculture and animal farming. The common vegetables that are cultivated in the region are dry Shrub-Land & Pistachio. The province also has some beautiful meadows on the high mountain of northern portion.

Bismillah Afghanmal is the existing governor of the province. The Afghan National Police (ANP) administrates all the lawful activities which is backed by Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) & National Directorate of Security (NDS). The activities on the international border which links Afghanistan with Balochistan province of Pakistan is monitored by Afghan Border Police (ABP). Both Afghan Border Police and Afghan National police is administrated by a provincial police chief who represents the Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

The first airstrip was opened near the province of Qalat in 2006. Primarily it was established for the Afghan National Army but it is also being used for commercial Aviation for connecting Qalat with Kabul. The airstrip comes under the jurisdiction of Chief of Afghan National Army Major General Jamaluddin Sayed.

The highway that connects Kandahar province with Kabul crosses through Zabul province, so a traveller moving between Kandahar & Kabul passes the province as well. On September 04, 2016 the highway witnessed a massive road crash in which 38 people lost their lives and more than 28 were injured.

Both the education sector and healthcare sector has shown little improvement with respect to previous years. The province also has a provincial cricket team which represents Zabul in Afghan domestic cricket.

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