AFGHANISTAN: Eid-al-Adha (The festival of sacrifice) and Covid-19:

By: Dr Shabnam Faiz

  • What is Eid al-Adha?
  • Eid al-Adha, known as the festival of sacrifice, is an Islamic holiday that commemorates our beloved Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and the momentous act of submission he made – his willingness to give up what he loved most, his one and only son, Ismail, for the sake of Allah (SWT).
  • What is Qurban?
  • Qurban means sacrifice. Every year, during Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world slaughter an animal – typically a sheep, goat, camel or cow – to commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim and his ultimate sacrifice. The animal sacrificed is then divided into three equal portions with one third shared with the needy, one third distributed to relatives and neighbors, and the remainder kept for one’s own family.
  • Who is obliged to give Qurban?
  • Qurban is mandatory for every Muslim who has reached the age of puberty, and who can afford it.
  • Now the question is that “How all Muslims will manage this big festival in this contagious covid-19 pandemic?”
  • As we all know that the Covid-19 nowadays is on the peak in some countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan where the positive cases rises with each day almost reaching to that of 5000 per day. The mortality rate is increasing day by day due to insufficient supply of oxygen and the unavailability of beds and ventilators in hospitals, especially in a developing country like Afghanistan where already the health system is poor.
  • According to research we all know that America is now facing a 2nd wave of this Covid-19 and if we don’t control it now we all know what’s coming.
  • Almost 1 and half month is remaining until this festival and I don’t know how people will manage to buy animal from downtown markets in this Covid-19 situation.
  • I would like to mention that we still haven’t touch the peak of it yet, like others countries. Still we have time to control it and keep it to as minimum as possible. For which we should try to start awareness in people. I know it’s difficult to force complete lockdown but still people should be aware to follow all the SOPs and precautionary measures. WHO states that if you wear a mask it decreases the spread of the disease by 3 times. If we can’t follow the strict rules which I am sure nobody will, at least we can make sure to wear a face mask, using hand sanitizers, washing hands with soaps repeatedly, avoid overcrowding and if somebody is having mild to moderate symptoms shouldn’t go outside for shopping or gathering. We should unit together in this difficult situation. We should break the chain. Everything has an end. Insha’Allah the day this pandemic ends is not far. I would also like to mention it here that those people who have recovered from this virus, I request them to please donate plasma, it can save others life.
  • I hope Allah will bless Afghanistan with the virtue of this Eid and all Afghans shall live a better life in the future.

~Dr Shabnam Faiz~

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