Twitter security breach :130 accounts were targeted by hackers

In one of the major cyber attacks on high profile, twitter accounts a couple of days ago the further diagnostics done by twitter revealed that as many as 130 top accounts were attempted to be hacked by the attackers however only a few accounts were succeeded to breach the security said twitter in its statement.

Twitter said that they are working out further if attackers get hold of to the exchange of private messages of hacked accounts, the Twitter official said that we are in touch with those account users who were affected with the security breach and continue to do for further days in a statement by company’s support account online.

The matter is been in investigation with the FBI.

Twitter CEO did say earlier that it was a very tough day for us. The unprecedented online scam which targeted legitimate accounts with a blue tick which indicates that the account is verified and certifies that the account belongs to the original celebrity after the backend process is done by twitter and the blue tick appears.

The message from those accounts after getting hacked as you give me $1000 bitcoin crypto currency and I give you $2000 back, the offer of doubling the amount swiftly through its online wallet. The link of beneficiary Crypto currency wallet was also given in the twitter messages itself, the plan was to made it look legitimate as its being endorsed or recommended by the celebrity himself that too by the verified account which is been hacked.

The accounts on which the online security was breached by the hackers included Former president Barack Obama, The Democrat presidential candidate for 2020 election in United stated Joe Biden, Kim Kardashion, Apple official twitter account and Uber taxi sharing, It also included Ellon Musk the CEO of space ex as his official twitter account was also got hacked.

The Bitcoin scam however looked to $100000 which attackers received by publishing the message from credible tweeter accounts.

The experts say that the aim of attackers is beyond bitcoin as the original target was Twitter or some other malicious purpose.

Twitter has said that’ it is still looking into “what other malicious activity they may have conducted or information they may have accessed”

Thiei has been few incidents in the past and including this new hack would mean a lesser trust on twitter The company CEO Jack Dorsey lost his twitter account control for 30 minutes earlier this year.

However, the company will surly looking to fix review and fixing the potential security bugs which surely be reviewed by its technical team.

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