Australia : Victoria reported 464 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours

The corona virus outbreak in Australia has seen its worst day in the state of Victoria which reported 464 corona virus cases in 24 hours on Wednesday, Comparing the number with all over the UK for state Victoria the Victoria remain ahead in one day single tally as a state.

The rise in cases has forced the administration to put steep fines if someone breaks the covid-19 prevention protocols, guidelines and rules.

With the surge all over the news are coming that Victoria could be isolated from the rest of the country for 2 years however, nothing is confirmed in this regard as this is in discussion and subject to consideration.

The Victorian administration is putting the reason for people who are suspect of diseases and are not staying home even the test reports are awaited still they are going out.

Victoria has so far reported 6739 reported cases which is little more than half of the country’s overall cases which is 12896. The other states New South Wales has 3614 cases out of 2988 are recovered and 49 deaths have been reported which are 5 more than Victoria which has reported 44 deaths, Queensland has reported 1073 cases out of 1062 cases are recovered and 5 deaths are reported from the state. Western Australia reported 651 cases out of 626 are recovered and death tally of Queensland is 9. Whereas South Australia reported 446 cases out of 441 are recovered and 4 deaths are reported from the state of South Australia.

Melbourne has been the worst hit in Australia and recently the 4 week lock down and wearing a mask were ordered as mandatory for residents.

Cases from Sydney are also rising and it could be another hot spot according to the media reports in the local news papers,

The community transmutation in various locations could force NSW Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to close the borders to southern Australian states.

The cricket T-20 world cup which was scheduled to be played in Australia has also been postponed by the International cricket council.

The news of Wednesday of highest cases in a single day has put alarm and authorities, The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said that most of the cases are the reason of carelessness shown by Victorian residents amid corona virus outbreak he said 90% Victorians carried on with their normal lives he was referring to the prevention which could have been done by staying home instead of going out or for shopping which leads to infection spread.

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