Corona Virus is Airborne,Claims study.

Corona virus is Airborne says, researchers

A couple of hundreds scientist from the globe from as many as 30 odd countries has written to WHO about the findings of the study which suggests that the corona virus particles can infect people from Air which earlier was only considered as interaction under 6 feet with no protection or by touch to exposed material.

The letter suggested that enough study evidence shows this probability and researchers from 32 nations have given the node, The communication to world health organization was through an open public letter but WHO hasn’t given any reactions to the communication.

It was learnt earlier the spread is possible through droplets in close radius from infected ( in 6 feet) person however the study has indicated that even particles remain in Air does have the potential to spread the infection while breathing in the zone where Air consists of the smaller particles.

The WHO hasn’t agreed to the facts produced and signaled negative to the claim about the virus been borne in the Air, Having said that the official of World health organization did maintain that we are kept maintaining that the possibility of the virus being Airborne cant be denied however the concrete evidence or proofs are yet to be produced in order to support the probability which doesn’t exist at the moment. Since its too early to reach any conclusion.

The study has got attention in various media houses worldwide and has gone viral globally. And indeed has singled more prevention in the spread measure though its still not accepted and accommodated in Worlds Apex Health Agency.

With many countries opening the lock down in phases and International flights are scheduled to resume in July the world is surely looking to move in the middle of challenges occurred due to pandemic where social distancing and wearing masks is the main key of prevention from the infection and advise of stepping out given only if mandatory, the new research would only ask more strict measures apart from whats already been considered as standard procedure.

The other possibilities of the spread also include the second wave of the virus which would clear the grey area whether the virus is weakening or situation gets challenging in 2nd spike if it occurs, Meanwhile with the constantly increasing number of cases India has left Russia behind and comes at 3rd place in the tally of countries with the most number of cases.


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