Covid-19 : India recorded one million cases

On Friday 17th July with 34956 new cases reported in the last 24 hours which also highest one day tally of corona virus cases for India, The country reached one million corona virus cases which are the third country in the world to reach the milestone which no one like to see.

The first cases were reported in India in the last week on January and in march, the Government took hard decision ad guideline including the complete lock down and stopping International flights and stopping the public transport Including railways and Metro trains in major cities, The country’s Covid cases were in pretty much control and the efforts of Indian government praised worldwide including World health organization.

However the lock down put the stress on the Economy and the administration was forced to initiate the unlock process with Public transport like trains and schools remain closed, But economic activities were back.

The opening up saw steep case rise and the capital New Delhi was one of the high daily cases reporting cities in June with its top one day tally reached over 3800 cases in a day, The other continuously worst hitting city was Mumbai which has the total count of 97,950 cases and its state Maharashtra where the current tally 284,221 the state leading the tally and the worst hit state in the country, followed by the southern state Tamil Nadu 156,369 & Delhi with 1,18,645 cases.

According to Ministry of Health data, With over 1 Million cases, the active cases in India are 342,473 and 635,757 cases have been recovered, the death count in India from corona virus is 25602 which is 8th in the world and the low percentage of death rates as compared to global morality rate by saying experts.

Earlier the big Indian cities were the most hit by the pandemic but now the infection is rising in its deep parts and other states as recent data from Bihar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh are showing a steep and consistent rise in the corona virus cases for a week.

The domestic Airlines Indigo has taken a safety measure for its passengers where it would book 2 seats for 1 passenger for safety and will charge 25% extra of the booking amount of seat.

US, Brazil, India, and Russia the four countries in the world account for 54% of the total novel corona virus overall global cases.


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