Covid-19: Spain record rise in cases, European countries monitoring it closely

One of the world’s famous holiday destinations Spain could be the country to which may be the Initial victim of what had been largely discussed the 2nd wave of the pandemic and it could spread in Europe if it is able to affect Spain.

The administration has already taken adequate measures and many night clubs in the region which has seen a recent surge of new cases are asked to close for 2 weeks

Many European countries have also addressed the developments of rising Covid-19 infection situations in Spain and few have issued the Travel warning for Spain to the citizens while The UK has made Self Isolation for 14 days mandatory for anyone coming to the UK from Spain.

Norway has also released the guidelines for self Isolation for anyone returning from Spain.

Spain has seen a new spike of corona virus cases in cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragonza, Which is a concern for the government amid fear of 2nd wave as these are the indications after cases have gone down a month ago and state emergency due to the pandemic was called off last month.

According to the ministry of Health of Spain more than 900 cases were recorded on 24th July,

The rise of corona virus cases in other European countries like France & Germany after the reopening of activities to help the economy taken place.

Almost all the governments of European countries are looking to run the economic activities in phases and looking to revive the business and market to keep economy going amid fear of 2nd wave, The experience of the recent pandemic situation has been learning thus any new infections being reported from any region are being taken on high priority in order to contain the cases in to the zone or region only to prevent the further spread.

The overall Corona virus cases recorded in Spain are 319,501 while 28432 deaths have been reported due to the covid-19 disease in Spain. The capital Madrid has recorded 73026 cases so far, Barcelona the north Eastern city has reported 67217 cases.

The is a holiday hub for travelers not only in Europe but worldwide, The official of Spain’s foreign Ministry has however said in his statement that the country buy is large is safe and the new cases are limited to local outbreaks which are under control and the affected areas have been Isolated.

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