Covid-19: UK had to act “Rapidly & Decisively” Helen Whately On Spain Quarintine

The health Minister of the UK Helen Whately said that in order to avoid the 2nd Spike We would need to keep the infection rate low.

After the UK Government released the guidelines for the citizens returning from Spain to the UK must go for 14 days self Isolation after the reports of a rise in cases in Spain have been confirmed from some parts.

The UK however hasn’t put any official restrictions on its citizens on going to Spain but a soft advise has been giving saying the holidays should be avoided if possible as we are still not over with the pandemic.

After quick implementation on Spain when the Health Minister was asked for the same policy for France and Germany as new cases have seen a rise in both countries she said the Government is monitoring the situation and analyzing the corona virus cases from both of the countries and other parts of Europe and we would take adequate action in release official advise if necessary.

Minister Whately said that we are reducing the restrictions very carefully as we are not going to take any risk which could take us back in the situation which would see the 2nd spike of infection in the UK.

The UK implemented the policy with any delay and travelers returning from Spain were to fill the self declaration form and disclose the location where they would complete the 14 days Isolation period, If anyone not found at the place while verification would end up with steep fines imposed by the government.

The restrictions include avoiding any public area and if possible get help from others for essential like food instead of stepping out for 14 days Isolation period.

The decision of Spain quarantine spread in the UK and many travelers who booked the Spain Holidays and were scheduled to fly this weekend canceled the Holiday, The travelers said that they cannot afford the Self Quarinitine for 14 days due to our work commitments in the UK.

The news was surprised to those who Just landed in Spain from the UK for the Holiday this weekend and they said that 14 days quarantine is hard for them as they are the main income resource for the family and Isolating themselves for 14 days would mean losing half of the month’s salary.



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