Covid-19 : WHO Reported Highest One Day Global cases

World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded the highest one day tally of corona virus cases in the world as the number reached nearly 260000 on 18th July for 24 hours data which made it the highest single day spike ever recorded since the corona virus outbreak globally.

The highest infection cases data also recorded with the highest number of death globally connected with the corona virus in a single day as the number reached 7360 in one single data.

The data of these unlike the highest figure continued to be with another high number in a single day where India recorded a single day spike of 38,902  Covid cases highest ever single day tally for India.

Which takes total corona virus cases in India to 1077618.India at 3rd place after Brazil and the US.

ICMR, Indian council of Medical Research, The APEX body in India for the formulation, coordination & promotion of biomedical research, also one of the oldest and largest medical bodies in the world on Saturday raised the alarm and said that the infection has reached to community spread stage in India.

Dr. Monga, The Chairman of IMA Hospital board of India, said to Asia News International ANI the news agency, that every day the numbers have been kept rising more than 30000 a day, This indicates that the situation is really bad in the country, He also mentioned that the disease in now spreading in the rural areas which are really bad signs, It now shows a community spread, Said the chairman.

The US which is leading the world tally and worst hit country from the corona virus outbreak reported 3,833,271 until July 19, 6 AM GMT.

The total number of deaths in the US connected to Covid 19 is 1,42877 while 1,775,219 cases have been recovered successfully.

The steep rise has been seen in the southern part of the country and Florida has been the worst hit state, on 18th July the state recorded over 10 thousand cases. The total number of cases in Florida are 337000. The ICU facilities in the Hospital of Florida have been reached to its full capacity.

Brazil the second country in the highest cases in the world recorded 2075246 overall covid cases while 1,366,775 cases have been recovered

The president of Brazil also tested positive, However, the WHO has said that the cases are not increasing rapidly in Brazil



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