Covid-19 : WHO reported Highest one day Record of new Corona Virus cases

The highest number of one day global Covid 19 cases has been recorded with tally 230370 in 24 hours with 4 countries reported highest Individual tally of one day cases including South Africa, United States, Brazil & India were top nations which set a new one day record.

The USA recorded this spike with 66500 one day cases in one day. Whereas India recorded its Highest one day record cases of 28637 AND South Africa reported 13947 new covid cases which forced south Africa for 2nd ban on Alcohol in the country to prevent from trauma cases in order to take a toll from health workers and resources to be focused on Covid patients. President Cyril Ramaphosa also announced the night curfew to prevent accidents at night. The President addressed the nation from Television and requested to take all prevention measures as South Africa could have a shortage of beds and oxygen as it is likely in the country that covid 19 infections likely to reach to the peak somewhere between july last week and September.  The Alcohal makers, however, raised the concerns on governments decision  of banning alcohol in south Africa worrying their business and loss of jobs of their workers

India another global hot spot is also experiencing a rapid rise in the increase of its covid 19 cases and its big cities like Delhi, Mumbai is a continued area of concern. India is the 3rd most infected country in the world behind Brazil and the United states, The new rise is being reported from the south of the country while famous Indian Film star also tested positive with three other of his family members the news went viral on the internet Saturday evening

Brazil the 2nd most affected coutry of the world reached 1,866,176 cases on 13th July with its president Jair Bolsonrao who earlier was taking the Covid 19 himself has been infected, The world leaders have sent him wishes for his recovery and for the control of cases in the country.

The Lock down was imposed back in Spain’s Catalonia’s area after the new spike of covid 19 cases reported and government health officials advise people of the region to stay home amid the situation to prevent from the infection spread

Between all this, Russia’s university claimed its successful human trial of the Ist Covid vaccine produced by the Gamlei Institute of Epidemiology and microbiology of Russia.

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