Covid-19: World Corona Virus cases reached 16.7 Million.

The total tally of global corona virus cases reached 16.7 million and the US Still leads the tally as world’s worst hit country with 4.4 Million reported cases and on 28th July the US reported 1300 deaths connected with Corona virus in one single day which is highest since may, while India which is going with cases almost touching 50 thousand a day and total reported cases in India crossed 1.5 Million on 28th July.

A new Surge in Corona Virus cases has been seen in Hong Kong and the government has warned about the hospital system could be clashed.

Carrie Lam the Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong has said that there could be a large outbreak in Hong Kong of Corona Virus cases and has warned people to stay home and only step out for any essential reasons.

After More than 100 cases reported in Hong Kong, the new Guidelines were issues where the eating in restaurants was banned and face masks while stepping out in Public areas were mandatory.

Gyms, Beauty parlors and Bars will remain fully closed in Hong Kong

The cases are picking up in Spain and the UK has already issued a 14 days Quarantine advice for anyone returning in the UK from Spain in the prevention of and 2nd spike after things are reopening in phases. The government has issued a soft warning to Britons that they should book a holiday by keeping in mind that we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

Prime Minister Borris Johnson said that the UK should be “Vigilant” as there is a threat of the Second wave in other parts of Europe.

While Ireland has made an announcement that Unemployment benefits can be taken away from those who travel abroad.

Germany has announced mandatory corona virus testing from next week for anyone entering the country.

The World Health Organization has said that young people could be driving the virus spike in Europe.

Earlier the Virus was reported to be lethal for the elderly, But now many countries have reported the most number of corona virus cases in young people.

While many big events around the world have recently been canceled or postponed and some events have been shifted to entirely new countries which have a lesser number of reported cases.

The Tokyo Olympics may be Held with a limited number of spectators from 23rd July in 2021 but the event is still Known as Tokyo 2020.

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