India left behind Russia in Global Corona virus reported cases tally

With a total number of 694K cases India left behind Russia and take over 3rd place in Global overall reported cases tally of corona virus pandemic. Performing amazingly well during its lock down period considering the country of world’s 2nd largest population behind china, India did well in initial rounds of the first couple of months with tightness shown by Administration in States like Punjab which did over overwhelmingly well However in the western state Maharashtra was the cause of concern and things looked in control at rest of the country with the low number of cases. However, it’s been learnt that since the government decided for the unlock procedure the spread has caused a drastic rise in the reported case. The capital Delhi with country’s best medical facilities has reported 99,444 overall cases till 6th July and likely to touch 100k Mark by 7th july with its pace of 2000 cases each day for a past week reporting 10% of India’s overall daily cases at 20000 cases each day for past 4 days.

With current trends, the experts say that the peak India is going to be earlier than it was expected, however, it’s also been praised worldwide with such drastic number of cases Indian Medical management system is in up and running mode while dealing with pandemic with low morality rate compare to global statistics.

The recent rise has been recorded in few of Southern parts with Telengana and Tamilnadu  & Andhra Pradesh the key major states has reported a large number of cases this week, While the southern state located at the extreme bottom of India on Arabian sea Kerala was highly appreciated for its prevention efforts has over all 24,850 cases the state known for its 100% litrecy rate in India.

With major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Ahemedabad are the Hot spots of virus and produce big in the Indian economy, The country is forced for unlock can not bear another lock down in order to move the economy in the challenging spike of the virus.

However, the schools, colleges and theaters along with Metro rail services which run in cities like New Delhi remain closed in guidelines of Unlock 2 released by MHA the Ministry of Home affairs of India until 31st july where the review will be done to take a call on above said institutions based on situation when Unlock 2 period ends at the end of july.

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