Melbourne: Lock down of six weeks after new Spike of covid cases

Six weeks long lock down has been announced in Melbourne   after the highest number of infections reported as 191 on a single day. Melbourne will see the lock down which will last another 6 weeks and 5 million citizens of Melbourne will observe it form homes and only be allowed for essential services to go out.

Premier of state of Victoria Daniel Andrews told about the lock down after the significant number of the rise in the spike and one day tally saw its highest recorded number so far.

Daniel added in his statement that “We are on the cusp of something very, very bad if we don’t take these steps”

Before that the relaxation from the state was given and being complacent could have been the reason for this situation said, Mr. Andrews.

Melbourne has more number of cases than in any other city or state in Australia where reported cases are lesser. The restrictions were implemented from Wednesday the 8th of July for six weeks and schools will remain shut during the lock down but online learning will be permitted.

Eating outside by sitting in a restaurant will not be permitted but takeaways will be on. But Local shops and Hair Saloons will also remain open.

The lock down will be implemented in Entire Melbourne and state police have also locked the state borders of Victoria with adjoining states and the local police will keenly check and the police surveillance will be done from the air by using drones.

The lock down was on the card after cases started to pick for last 10 days in Melbourne the city which is seeing the 2nd spike since the lock down in the entire country has been lifted and things have come back to normalcy and the number of cases from other parts of the country apart from Melbourne hasn’t been the cause of concern as the Covid seems to slow down in Australia except Melbourne.

The locals have raised questions to Victoria state government about why the spread hasn’t been stopped in Melbourne and the same time seems positive with the decision of lock down for another month. The locals say that we don’t wish to see any bad again all prevention measures including staying at home and stepping out in necessity is Indeed the requirement of the situation.

Victoria alone has reported 3098 confirmed cases out of 8886 cases in Australia, The new lock down has been imposed to halt the news cases said the local state official.


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