New Zealand : How Prime Minister Jacinda Arden eliminated covid 19

New Zealand’s efforts to get rid of the Covid 10 Pandemic infection, As no new case for more than 17 days been reported after the last active case report was confirmed negative.

World Health Organization, WHO has also praised the efforts of the New Zealand Government as in many countries globally the cases keep rising and New Zealand has eliminated the virus completely from the country and life has come back to normal after strict lock down was implemented in the country for 6 weeks and the discipline shown by the kiwis was worth as now the situation is full under control and normalcy has been achieved.

Jacinda Arden Prime Minister of New Zealand went all over at a very early stage and took hard steps which she said that she is feeling no apology for was the happiest the day she was confirmed about the last active case recovered.

The day first Morality was confirmed of a victim outside china New Zealand barred entry of any oversees citizen coming straight or travelling via china and this step was taken way back in the first week in February. This shows how swift actions were taken by New Zealand as their wasn’t even a single case reported by then in the country, and quarantine was enforced to any local citizen travelling from china had to isolate himself for 14 days at home.

As reports came from other countries the ban on flights connecting to those countries was imposed and countries like Iran and Italy were on the initial flight ban list, New Zealand’s first reported case was also connected with travel to Iran.

At mid of March the isolation was advised to all travelers regardless of origin including local kiwis took place and everyone was asked to stay inside doors, later the next level of precaution took place when Jacinda Arden the Prime Minister close the entry of any oversees person travelling to New Zealand. The government did look pro active and took all possible steps without any second thought to prevent the community step which later proven to be appreciable worldwide and made New Zealand a safe and proud country while others were struggling and achieving peaks while New Zealand wiped out the virus completely.

It Was visible that this virus can’t be stopped with the standard pandemic procedure and significant and unprecedented steps are required before the cases reach to a number which could look out of control to handle for administration, The Leadership of President Arden and decision making proven to be handy and New Zealand emerged as a role model of rest of the world in handling and prevention of pandemic crisis.


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