Sachin Tendulkar appeals Covid recovered patients to Donate Plasma

The Great Indian Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar appeals to the recovered patients to donate Plasma. The Great Indian batsman who also known to be up for his bit for his social causes global or in India inaugurated the newly built plasma center in Mumbai the city which has the largest number of reported cases 86938 till 8th july is among the high reported cases cities in India.

Plasma therapy has shown some positive results in severe patients in recovery, Tendulkar in the video said that the recovered patients should step up and take this as God’s sent opportunity and donate plasma to help recover, He said that the covid patients themselves have experienced it and seen how tough it is not just for them but for their friends, family members everyone goes through a massive challenge, Now with this plasma therapy, you can actually help recover covid patients faster added the great Indian batsman known as Master blaster for his batting capabilities. Sachin said that recover patients can surly help the number of people and heir is no greater thing than that so so I urged the recovered patient to donate the plasma.

In India, plasma therapy has been in the trial phase only and the limited number of Apex hospitals are given permission to apply it by ICMR the government agency which gives formal consent for medical procedures formally known as the Indian council of medical research.

In the capital New Delhi, the first of its kind of Plasma banks was opened as many patients reported struggling to find the donors as the criteria for plasma donors is different than normal blood donation. For plasma donation, the donor should be recovered covid patients and can donate after 28 days of his or her report turns negative and the blood group is also required to be the same of needy patient required therapy.

This would be the 2nd plasma bank in India in Mumbai after New Delhi opened one last week and Sachin Tendulkar was requested by the officials of Mumbai’s seven hills hospital to do the Inauguration which would indeed help in awareness as well as encourage the recovered patients to donate plasma in order to save the precious life of fellow citizens.

With more than 50 International centuries Sachin Tendulkar also follows lawn tennis keenly and has been seen in Wimbledon village in Wimbledon open in the UK. Last week his video of practicing Lawn tennis in which he tagged Roger Federer on Instagram with captions hows my forehand Roger was gone viral last week.

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