Trump administration drops the deport plan for international students

After a week of the announcement of  Trump Government to deport oversees students who are in the United States for academic and vocational studies, The Trump administration drops the plan, which gave relaxation to thousands of International students in the United states, few described it. The order straight away affected thousands of International students who are in the United States under “F” & “M” Categories of Visas given to students by United States administration.

The F visas are for non-immigrant students which allow foreigners to pursue academic studies and/or language training programs offered by US universities.

While The M Visa is a student visa reserved for International students attending vocational and technical schools.

The order of the United States administration came after when the universities opted for virtual learning giving online classes to students amid the Corona virus pandemic as a prevention measure and continuity to the course curriculum. The Trump administration issued the order for International students to either opt for Tuitions offline or they won’t be allowed to stay in the US this autumn unless they opt for tuitions in-person.

The international students contribute a huge amount in the revenue of the Universities of the United States. The 2018 US data revealed that oversees students contributed USD 45 bn to the United States economy.

The relaxation order of taking the deportation order back came after both Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of technology sued the government over the deport order.Which also was supported by many other state universities.

However, after the U turn by the government on the order has made the matter settled between both parties said that district judge in Massachusetts.

The agreement between both parties will mean that the arrangements made in March amid Covid 19 spread in the United States to attend online classes if required and stay in the country on their student Visa.

The deportation order earlier saw mix reactions of the students as those who flown back to native countries said that our parents don’t allow us to go back to United states for studies until the normalcy after the corona virus outbreak been achieved in the US, And few looked concerned as they described United states as their second home and were looking to upgrade or apply for work Visa as they envisioned their professional career in the country.

The announcement of taking the deport order back by trump administration has indeed made things easier for both universities and students.

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