UK : Covid-19 unlikely to be eliminated even if we have a vaccine, for years says experts

It is unlikely that the virus could be eliminated completely said the experts to the health committee of House of Commons in England.

Sir Jeremy farar said to the house of commons “things will not be done by Christmas” his comments came after a day when the University of oxford announced the promising results by the Corona virus vaccine which is being developed by them in association with British-Swedish company.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week that he is hoping for “return to normality by Christmas”

The prime minister was telling the Government’s further plans to of opening up the public gatherings from Autumn, also he was setting plans to open swimming pools and the leisure centers by the end of july.

The UK specialists are however putting facts which one wouldn’t like to wish after seeing the corona virus crises, But they are telling the Health committee to look it realistically as the virus isn’t going to eliminate and is here as they supported their facts with evidence and other disease handling and outcomes.

Sir Jeremy the member of the advisory body of  UK Government “SAGE”, Said that The world would be living with covid-19 for ‘very many, many many years to come.

“Things will not be done by Christmas. This infection is not going away,’ Its now human endemic infection.

Sir Jeremy added “Even, Actually, If we have a vaccine or very good treatments, Humanity will still be living with the virus for many many years, decades to come.

The experts added that the second wave is not far away if its to come so we shouldn’t be complacent if if we see a drop in a number of cases, as the second wave could repeat the situation again.

Prof Sir John Bell from the university of Oxford also supported the same theory as he said that its not going to eliminate he gave the example of Polio elimination programme running by WHO worldwide for 15 years and said its still not done.

He further added that winters would see a lot of this virus, It could come and go but it will be here.

The experts further added that the vaccine would also have its durable period where in which it can remain in effect so further vaccination cycles will be required.

Considering all these facts the expert said that “ The idea that we are going to eliminate it from the population, That’s just not realistic.

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