UK : Covid -19 Vaccine by Oxford university shown promising results

The oxford university has made a coronavirus vaccine which has shown promising results in its I/II Human trials.

The study Published in the Journal states that the corona virus vaccine named ChAdOx1 nCov-19—“showed an acceptable safety profile, and homologus boosting increased antibodies responses”

This Explains that the vaccine is safe to inject and it triggers the immune response against the virus.

The trial in phase I/II was conducted on 1077 people and in a further phase, it will be conducted on 10000 people as a part of the further trial process.

The vaccine has been proven to be safe, however, two third people developed fever or headache which is manageable by normal fever prescription like paracetamol.

The study was published in the reputed journal The Lancet.

The Editor in chief Richard Horton tweeted the published article in his tweet and he said in the tweet that.”The phase 1/2 oxford COVID-19 trial is now published, The vaccine is safe, Well tolerated, and immunogenic. Congratulations to Pedro Folegati and colleagues. These results are extremely encouraging. the link of the article followed his tweeted message from his twitter handle @richardhorton1

The professor of the university did say further that its been an encouraggging process however more waks in further phases are required before we conclude or confirm if the vaccine is capable of handling the pandemic. The more study will also indicate the period it can last to identify the virus in order to trigger the immune system which can attack the virus by T cells and destroy it.

The news of the positive progress by the professors of such highly reputed and credible universities of the world oxford which has its own proud history and yet they are up in such global crisis as only this weekend the WHO reported Quarter a million cases for a single day coronavirus case the highest since its outbreak, The news is a bit sigh of relief that something good is only round the corner.

The Vaccine is being developed by the “British-swedish” pharma company Astrazeneca at Oxford university in England.

The UK has confirmed that the order has been placed for 100 million doses already, As the production also requires time to produce such large quantity.

Corporations from China and USA has also reached to this stage of their vaccine.

According to the researchers, the Vaccine will finally be confirmed by the end of the year after completion of its further trial stages and can only be available next year after its production,if everything goes well.

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