UK : Quarantine relaxations for arrivals from many countries

After close review done by the UK government the relaxation in quarantine rules for arrivals for 60 odd nations & British territories overseas. Before that it was mandatory for citizens to spend 14 days quarantine after landing in the UK, The countries which exclude this list will have the earlier rule of completing quarantine.

This would be good news for people landing in the UK from those countries as relaxation wont will help them to meet their work schedule instead of being barred behind the doors for 14 days.

The list of the countries which got the relaxation from 14 days quarantine in the UK includes Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, and many other countries. The officials’ clears that the arrivals landed before Friday the 10th july would still need to complete the quarantine schedule of 2 weeks as the relaxation will only be applicable to arrivals from Friday 10th July onwards from the announced countries. The citizens and the arrivals both don’t need to be complacent with this relaxation and follow the basic norms of prevention like a Face mask and maintain social distancing as these measures will remain in practice.

The UK is closely looking for global developments and analyzing the situations of the countries affected by the pandemic and those countries where the virus has slow down with few numbers of cases left and those which are completely free are being added in relaxation of guidelines.

Scotland is not in the list of the quarantine relaxation though & maintained that Scotland will continue the implementation of 14 days Isolation of new arrivals from overseas. The Scotland authorities have also asked the shops to ensure that visitors should cover the face with a mask as prevention from the spread.

Nicola Sturgeon the first minister in clear words warned the arrivals not to avoid the restrictions imposed by the government and said that these difficult decisions were required to prevent the virus spread. According to quarantine compliance, the travelers were supposed to declare self isolation address and rules violation could see the steep fines of up to GBP 1000.

The cruise holiday is still in avoid list from UK foreign ministry but a list of many countries has been released which can be chosen as oversees holiday destinations for Britishers this summer

The UK is opening up slowly and carefully as after 117 days the test cricket also got a resume in Southampton and the government is looking to opening the activities in phases after close monitoring of the situation.

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