US : President Trump Said Covid-19 outbreak may Get Worse before it gets better.

The Covid -19 out in USA where the total number of cases as of now is already 4,030,936 and 144,987 deaths and the US ranks one in the worst hit countries tally, Amid it, The president Trump said that in his press conference said that the Corona Virus Pandemic may get worse before it gets better’. Something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is.

President trump also urged the citizens of the United States to wear a mask and said ‘they will have an effect and show patriotism’

In his press conference at White house, a reporter asked him” Yesterday you said that: Wearing a mask was an act of patriotism.” If that is the case why, Why don’t you do it more frequently?

President Trump replied “ Well I do actually do it when I Need. I mean. I carry the mask the mask when I have to go, I went into Walter Reed Hospital the other day. I have the mask right here. I carry it and I will use it, gladly. No problem with it, and I have said that. And I say ”If you can use the mask. When you can, use the mask. If you are close to each other, in a group, I would put it on when I am in a group.’ If I am in an elevator and there are other people with me, Including security people, It not their fault, they have to be in the elevator, I want to protect them also, I put on a mask. I have no problem with the masks. I view it this way, Anything that potentially can help, And that certainly potentially can help, is a good thing. I have no problem, I carry it, I wear it, you saw me wearing it a number of times, and I will continue Said President Trump.

The same reporter took a consent and asked the follow up question to the president, ‘ Are you sending mixed messages though? Yesterday you tweeted out an image wearing a mask, and then last evening we saw you not wearing a mask at your Hotel?

President in reply said, “ Well I don’t know, The Hotel I was pretty far away from away from people but I would say this, I have Explained it, I think very well, “ If you are close together I would put on the mask. And if you are not, I would say that if you are for instance like here, You have been all tested, I have been tested, Often time I will be with the people that are fully tested, I have been tested, in theory, you don’t need the mask. I am getting used to the mask, and the reason is, think about patriotism, may be it helps, it helps. Now we have experts that have said in the recent past, that masks are not necessarily, good to wear, you know that, But now they have changed their mind, If they changed their mind that good enough for me, So I wear it when appropriate, Said President Trump.

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