US : Trump Says wearing a mask should’t mandatory

The US President Donald Trump has said that wearing a mask isn’t mandate in the US, amid the United States leading the world tally of corona virus Pandemic, President Trump said “I want people to have certain freedom”

His statement came after the US top expert of infectious disease Dr. Anthony Fauci who requested state authorities and leaders to be “as forceful as possible” in the implementation of wearing the mask for citizens of the United States.

The order of wearing the face mask in public has been issued by many governors of the states in the US including those administrated by Republicans and made it mandatory over the option for an individual as the prevention measure of spread prevention in the community.

Since the first reported case in the United States and the corona virus outbreak in country for months, President Trump was seen wearing masks in Public on his visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital to meet injured soldiers. and the hospital workers and his photos wearing mask went viral in media and the internet

Speaking to American top news corporation on 17th July, President Trump said that he didn’t agree with a national mask mandate, saying People should have a certain freedom.

The mask, however, has been seen as one of the basic and highly effected prevention measures by getting infected from the corona virus as it guards the mouth and nose against any outside particle in the air while breathing.

Many countries have even put a fine on people who found without wearing the face mask at the public areas.

The experts have said that wearing a mask decreases the probability of virus spread if someone comes in close contact with corona positive or a person carrying virus load but not infected due to individual immune system.

The southern States of America are experiencing the rise in covid-19 cases and more Military medical health staff and officials have been deployed to Texas and California to team up with state medical officers in handling the situation.

Florida also experiencing a shortage of intensive care facilities

The Governor of southern state Georgia Brian Kemp has appealed to citizens of the state to wear the mask of four weeks.

The issue of wearing masks seems to be politicized in the US while the country is aiming to stop the spread and come back to normalcy.


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