USA : Joe Biden The Democrate presidential contender presented $700 bn “Build Back Better” Plan

In the middle of the corona virus pandemic in America, to bring the Economy back on track the democratic presidential contender Joe Bidden, in his statement said  that his $700 bn plan will be the biggest investment in the USA after the 2nd world war. He added that his revival plan which he described as “Bulid Back Better” will encourage the technology and manufacturing sector and create jobs for Americans.

Joe Biden described president trump as incompetent and said that President’s failures “had come with a terrible human cost and deep economic toll’ Joe added to his statement that “Time and again, Working families are paying the price of administration’s incompetence”.

It is visible that the Presidential elections in the USA will be going to see a lot more Pandemic and economic issues impacted on Americans, by Joe Bidden in his election campaign.

Joe Made to unsuccessful attempts in 1998 and 2008 and this time his way seems to be clear as presidential contender representing Democrats and has experience of working with Barack Obama during his tenure as presidents of the United States of America.

Earlier Barack Obama praised Joe Biden and described him as a good candidate who can take America forward. Obama in his video said that’ I am so proud to endorse Joe Biden as the presidents of United states, Choosing Joe to be my Vice president was one of the best decisions I have ever made added Barack Obama. Talking to his relationship during Obama’s tenure as president with Joe he described Joe became the “Close friend “. Barack Obama further added that” I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in the president right now. He also said that Joe is the family man who understands how the value of a job means for a person. Barack Obama has shown his full confidence in his video on Joe Biden.

While taking his campaign forward in his home state Pennsylvania Joe Biden said that “ Trump has failed to deliver on his economic promises” Joe also understands that the voters have also raised the questions on Trump administration about the spread of the virus in many states.

Joe Biden was the Vice president in Barack Obama’s tenure is 77 now and his experience of handling administration and running the government are advantages he carries reflects clearly in his body language in all of his campgains so far.

None the less all these developments are setting for a very interesting presidential election scheduled this November in the USA.

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